When we look at the way the economy is structured in today’s America, corporations are gaining more power, the rich are getting richer, and normal families have to fight tooth and nail to make any sort of progress. Those at the top are watching working people swim upstream to make ends meet while they stuff their pockets with more and more corporate cash.

It’s time for this to end. It’s time to change the rules -- and make them work for the majority of our country, not just the wealthiest few. It’s time that regular Americans aren’t robbed so corporations can benefit.

America is better than this. 

It’s time for a better deal.

The way it works right now is this: Corporations have enormous tax loopholes that allow them to accumulate money for those at the top without sharing enough of it with working people. The Citizens United decision allowed corporations to keep playing a huge hand in funding politicians -- so they keep handing over the cash to Republicans. Then those Republicans keep their super-rich corporate friends happy by protecting those tax loopholes, meaning they make decisions that keep those companies and people super-rich and run normal working families down.

It’s a vicious cycle that hurts hard-working Americans. But this doesn’t have to be our reality.

We can rebuild a government that puts working people first. And this is how we will do it:

We’ll Raise Pay and Create More Jobs

We can create 15 million new, good-paying jobs. All we have to do is commit to finally rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. By rebuilding our infrastructure we can get our families to and from their jobs faster, safer, and stress-free. Rebuilding our infrastructure will also create new opportunities for small business to expand, and help us build smarter more resilient cities. In the process of fixing what’s broken with our infrastructure we can create millions of jobs that will help grow our economy.

We can level the playing field on trade. Right now, we are doing next to nothing to enforce trade laws that protect hardworking Americans, and instead letting special interests and corporations dominate our trade system. American workers are the best in the world, and they can compete with anyone as long as the deck isn’t stacked against them. We need to end the trade policies that undercut American workers and have led to millions of factories heading overseas. And we need to crack down on any companies that flood US markets with cheap goods produced in countries that cheat trade rules and undercut our workers.

We’ll Make It Easier for You to Save What You Make

So many families struggle to pay their bills every month, and their costs keep going up and up and up. Their wages need to go up, and just as importantly, their bills need to go down.

We can lower prescription drug prices. No more choosing between paying for a medication or paying for a meal -- we need to be able to stay healthy without breaking the bank. We’ll make it possible for Medicare to negotiate on the price of drugs and we’ll crack down on pharmaceutical companies that jack up prescription drug costs.

We can make sure every worker has paid family and sick leave. So many people are juggling work, childcare, and trying to take care of aging parents. People can’t pay their bills if they have to take unpaid time off to nurse a sick child or take an elderly family member to the doctor.  And no one should be forced to be on their feet at work when they are seriously ill just to make sure they can feed their family. It’s time that our workplaces work with employees and their lives, not against them. 

We can bring competition back to our economy by cracking down on giant monopolies and mega-corporations that are squeezing American families and turning their back on American jobs. Too many small businesses can’t get off the ground because the big guys have rigged the rules in their favor. As giant companies merge with each other and get even bigger, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and rural communities and downtowns have been hollowed out.  And we need to pass net neutrality laws so that no growing business or family has to pay extra just to get adequate internet service.

We’ll Build a Better Future for All of Us

We can grow our economy and put workers first. We should be celebrating patriotic companies that invest in their people, focus on job training, and incentivizing companies to do the right thing we can grow our economy and foster innovation. Every American, no matter where they live, should have the tools they need to succeed in the new economy. That means high-speed broadband, better training for the jobs of the future, and an employer that lets them share in the profits they create.